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Avoid Pests and Disease When Pruning

Avoiding pests and disease when pruning is not always top of mind for some when cutting trees. While we may think cutting trees and other plants is straightforward, we must take the necessary steps to avoid infecting our greenery.

All about the timing

Pruning trees at the right time is an important step to help avoid pests and disease

transmission. Pruning in the dormant season, pruning in dry weather, and pruning when insect vectors are least active are all good preventive measures. Improper pruning is a very high concern. Improper cuts will cause far greater damage to your tree than pruning at the wrong time of year.

Local Trends

Different pests, wood decaying fungi and bacterial pathogens can invade different types of trees and plants. It’s important to check on what your plants and trees are susceptible to, so you know what to look for and can further avoid disease.

Disinfect your Tools

Under some circumstances, it is important to disinfect your tools to avoid pests and diseases. Tools may require sterilization between trees, or even between each cut. When sterilization is necessary, it is important to use a substance that will not damage plant tissue.

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